Reviews and testimonials from our customers, Find out what our clients have to say about Bandit Tyre Warmers: Wayne Maxwell, Kevin Magee, Kawasaki Motors and more!!

03Apr 2016
Lukey Luk – Testimonial

I love my Bandit Tyre Warmers! As a professional motorcycle rider I use them nearly every weekend, I have two sets, one of which I have owned for nearly 10 years and they have never missed a beat! They get thrown around the truck, rolled up and un-rolled more times than I’ve had a hot […]

01Apr 2016
Wayne Maxwell Testimonial

I have been using Bandit tyre warmers since 1999 and still to this day I have the same pair. The quality and design of the warmer ensures that it heats the tyre evenly and consistently which gives me the confidence to hit the first corner at full speed. The after sales service and support is […]

01Apr 2016
Kevin Magee Testimonial

When I head out onto the track i need to know everything is right. Thats why i use Bandit Tyre Warmers. Just one less thing to think about. Right temperature every time. Great product. Kevin Magee

01Apr 2016
Kawasaki Motors Australia Testimonial

Kawasaki selected the Bandit Tyre Warmers to supply with our premium model, the 2015 Ninja H2R and  used Bandit tyre warmers at the World’s First Press Launch of the 2016 Ninja ZX-10R for their reliability and quality of the product, to best match our own high performance products. Kawasaki Motors Australia

01Apr 2016
PTR official Team Suzuki Australia Race -Testimonial

We started using Bandit Tyre warmers in about 1998. and have been using them ever since. Bandit Tyre Warmers are a fantastic product, made here in Australia. They are just bullet proof, reliable, tyre temperature is right every time and I can’t believe how long they last ! A quality product, together with professional friendly service. […]

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